Welcome to Lo Key


Lo Key is an audio engineer and music producer based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Coming out of Garnish School of Music Production in 2016, Lo Key has engineered originals and remixes for artists such as The Chainsmokers and Bijou that have accumulated nearly 2 million streams since the beginning of 2019. He continues to produce upbeat and melodic dance music between various genres.

Lo Key discovered his passion for music as an outlet to overcome the challenges he faced as a young kid dealing with a very difficult and mentally abusive home life. He’d always seen music as an escape for him and was very seclusive, but after leaving for college he found that music was much bigger than he understood and helped connect so many people across the world. He now uses his own music production to allow his fans to have a shared outlet to express themselves.

Based on the God of Trickery, Loki, Lo Key symbolizes the idea of turning ugly things into something beautiful. The idea is that we all put on a facade to hide the feelings we want to show, but are too afraid to do so. The producer’s music touches a special feeling within his fans, where they can relate to the artist and his beats on an emotional level and give them an optimistic “light at the end of the tunnel” perspective to the darkness they might be encountering.